Menkoubo Ren’s thoughts

Menkoubou Ren is located at the foot of Mt. Inari, Kyoto, along the approach to Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine.

Also known as “O-inari-san”, Inari shrines are the most familiar shrines to Japanese people.
There are said to be some thirty thousand throughout the country, frequented by people of all ages.
Fushimi Inari Taisha is the head shrine with which all the others are affiliated.
In the 1300 years since its establishment in 711AD, people have gathered here to pray for bountiful harvests, business prosperity, the safety of their home and family and the fulfillment of all kinds of other wishes.
In recent years, the shrine’s Japanese worshippers have been joined by overseas visitors coming to pray or tour the shrine. Fushimi Inari Taisha is now known worldwide as one of the most iconic sights in Kyoto, and in Japan as a whole.

Our idea is to keep good relationships with people through providing safe and delicious food in this prosperous area.

In addition to allowing local residents to enjoy the ramen we make, we also hope to provide visitors from all parts of Japan to the Inha Shrine, where they can rest, and even tourists from all over the world can enjoy the food at ease.

Our wish is that everyone not only speaks out “yummy” after eating our food but also smiles like the blooming flowers.
Menkobo Ren has always adhered to the use of natural and fresh ingredients since its opening, and will pass on this concept forever.

Representative of Menkoubou Ren all the staff


Restaurant Menkoubou Ren
Address 〒612-0012 27-18, Fukakusa Ichitsubocho,Fushimi District, Kyoto City
Opening hours For here: 11:30~15:30,18:00~22:00
Regular holiday Irregular holidays
Photo No. 075-204-8461


■Transportation from station

Keihan Main Line / Fushimi Inari Station: 1-minute walk (78m)
JR Nara Line / Inari Station: 3-minute walk (230m)
Keihan Main Line / Ryutani Daimae Fukakusa Station: 6-minute walk (460m)

■Transportation from bus stop

Kyoto City Bus South No. 5 System Inari Taisha mae 2-minute walk (110m)
Kyoto City Bus South No. 5 system Police school Mae 5-minute walk (370m)